Blender's First
3D Music Video Plugin

What is it?

Direktor 3D is an all in one VFX plugin for the free software Blender, designed to help streamline the creative process. This is an ongoing project, view the changelog below to view new updates and check your orders page to download the newest version!

Currently the plugin has 9 different features:

TEMPLATES 🎨 - Customizable, preset 3D Scenes

EFFECTS 🧙‍♂️ - Effects Powered By Blender GEO NODES 

3D LOGO MAKER ✌️- Editable 3D Text Presets 

3D OBJECTS 🗿 - 100 3D Objects At The Click of a Button ! 

LIGHT STUDIO ⚡️ - 20 Lighting Presets w/ Dynamic Lighting Controls

MATERIALS 🌝 - 15 Materials / Select Your Object & Choose Your Look ! 

Backgrounds 🌅 - Ready to go image plates as well as animated 4k fog

ANIMATON 🤸‍♂️-  21 Preset Modern Dance Animations / Easily Apply onto ANY 3D Model

TOOLS 🔨 - Commonly Used Processes in an Easy to Use Pie Menu


1.3.1 -

  • Fixed issue where Mac users were unable to see thumbnails in image gallery
  • Fixed issue where Flow on Object Effect was missing texture

1.3.0 -

  • Blender 4 support
  • Added Templates: Simple water, missile, ocean scene, tunnel, interior builder, forest generator
  • Added Effects: fireworks, rain generator
  • Added new Panel Backgrounds with categories:
  • 25 Sky Backgrounds, Animated smoke, particles, fire
  • Removed Bake sound to F Curve from Pie Menu (Operator no longer supported in Blender 4)

1.2.0 -

  • Improved installation for Mac

1.1.0 -

  • Bug Fixes

1.0.0 -

  • Initial Release

Planned Features:

  • Allow user to upload their own content via the plugin
  • Create content pack upload feature and marketplace for user created content packs
  • Add more useful features to pie menu
  • Add performance mocap to animation panel
  • Add Hair and clothes presets for 3D Characters
  • Add more detailed model packs and kitbash for use with geo node systems
  • Add more content to each section over time
  • Integrate more workflows with After Effects and other video editing tools
  • Add more useful features to Light Studio Panel.

Feature Suggestion Box!

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Template scenes with procedural generation controls at your fingertips. Build cities, car scenes, characters, or visualizers in SECONDS


Geometry node powered realtime effects - just DRAW them on! Fully customizable via modifiers.


-Custom Pie Menu -Easy to use UI -Link to Video Tutorials Built Into Plugin