What is it?

Master creative software 🎨

Build a business from home 💼

Boost clients and income 💰


I know how tough it can be trying to build a creative business by yourself.

My coaching service is here to provide you with a clear direction for your learning and business. 🎯

How can I help? 🧐

-Personal help learning editing / 3D skillset 🎨

-Auditing your portfolio / website and making suggestions 💻

-Consulting and guidance on tough projects 📝

-Building a short term / long term plan for growing an online business and finding clients 📈

& more !

Who am I?

A proud college dropout. I spent 5 years working in the music video industry In LA while simultaneously growing my youtube channel to over 380,000 subscribers and counting. I've worked with platinum selling artists like future, gunna, wiz khalifa and more. During the pandemic I decided to "retire" from proffessional editing and focus on expanding my business to help educate and grow the creative community.

Learned editing, wanted to learn 3d but I was stuck. Booked a call with Max and he showed me the sauce. Already made $10k plus charging for 3D visualizers that I can pump out fast. Lifechanging. Thank you Max


Caleb Wallace

Areas I Can Help With


Finding the best skillset and niche to work on can be a real sticking point.

I’ll help you establish what niche you should double down on and what to ignore.


Maybe you just need help nailing a specific project.

I’ll help you make sure it’s presented in a way your client’s or audience will actually be interested in them.


Landing your first client is undeniably one of the hardest aspects in freelance.

I’ll help you focus your workflow and give you a strategic blueprint to land your first clients.


People Who Are:

✅Willing to put a lot of time and effort in to growing their skillset.
✅Want to build a career in Editing / 3D
✅Think the quality of their content deserves more attention
✅Can comfortably afford this call
✅Need help levelling up their workflow, learning path or business


✅Select your session time.
✅Fill out the pre call form (So I can tailor the session to your needs)
✅Receive the call link 24 hours before session
✅Take the call
✅Action the advice


This is not a cookie cutter service. Each session will be bespoke to you based on the form you fill out before the call.

That means if you want a tonne of support just on project feedback (for example) the entire session can be devoted to that.